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Is Wi-Fi all I need?

Maintaining a good internet connection is crucial these days, whether it’s for shopping online, when using Skype, or for business use and trading. Relying on wireless internet alone is a little too demanding and can lead to frustration. Carefully considering which items at home will be wireless and which will be on a hard-wired connection is a good basis for trouble free use.

Wired is the way

Wi-Fi technology is improving all the time but other wireless signals as well as modern building materials can distort and block your connection. We can design and install a structured wired network throughout your property using heat-map analytics to optimise coverage.

Along with installing one of our powerful secure wireless systems, we can plan and install a structured reliable wired network throughout your property. So many electronic devices rely on a good connection for firmware updates, online and bonus services. The following list is a reminder of present technologies that work best with a wired internet connection…

Technologies that work best with a Wired Internet Connection:

  • Televisions
  • Sky and Virgin media boxes
  • Tabletop radios
  • Blu-ray disc players
  • HiFi music streamers
  • Home cinema amplifiers and subwoofers
  • iPod docks
  • Phone systems
  • Lighting and energy monitoring systems
  • Heating and air conditioning systems
  • Gate entry and alarm systems
  • CCTV cameras

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