Multi Room Audio

Wired for Sound

Playlists and Parties

Adding audio to extra rooms in the house is great fun, radio playing in the bathroom or kitchen makes great sense. Playlists through garden speakers for parties and BBQ’s makes even more sense! Our customers often can’t quite decide which rooms or zones to set up with a pair of speakers at the start, so we often recommend just wiring to as many rooms as possible. Later on, when ready, speakers and a controller keypad can always be added, and the room ‘activated’ by us.

Everyone, every room

Multiroom audio can be as simple as piping radio across the property for a pleasant background sound. On the other hand, why should only the HiFi room be where all the audio action happens! Wall and ceiling speakers, and the systems that drive them can be amazing if chosen carefully. We say get everyone in every room enjoying their own stream of music. The better sounding the multiroom system is, the less loud you will have to play it, plus the more you’ll want to use it too.

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The editor of HiFi+ magazine, Alan Sircom has even chosen to review new high-end HiFi products in our Studio zone.