Home Cinema and Surround Sound

A Cinematic Event in your own Home

Grab the popcorn

Take control, sip a drink and recline for the BIG event in your own home. With options such as cinema seating, automated curtains and lighting, plus movie servers that store your entire DVD/Bluray collection, home cinema has never been better.


Nothing quite beats the “WOW” factor of true HD Home Theatre with 4K projector, a big wide Cinemascope screen and multi-channel surround audio with deep bass from a subwoofer. Enjoy Films, TV, Sports and Gaming in Ultra High Definition video quality’.

Integrated and invisible

For a totally discreet installation, the screen, projector and speakers can be hidden into the walls or ceiling, the system can be seamlessly integrated into your lounge and lifestyle and be operated from one remote control.

Hollywood at home

If a dedicated room is available, your cinema design can incorporate luxury seating, acoustic room treatment, lighting design and all manner of Home Theatre accessories that even Spielberg himself would envy!

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