Edwards Audio
Apprentice TT Turntable
Simple engineered back record player with perspex platter
Edwards Audio of Henley-on-Thames offer a specialist range of turntables all under £900. The entry point Apprentice pulls off a remarkably musical performance for the price. Simple engineering and some clever tweaks by Kevin Edwards deliver an easy to use deck that's worthy of your vinyl collection.
Range starting from £249.99 inc arm+cartridge
Edwards Audio
Apprentice MM Phono Stage
small, black phono stage
The Apprentice phono stage by Kevin Edwards takes the tiny output from your record player's Moving Magnet needle and amplifies it to connect to the input of your stereo or AV amplifier. We've chosen the bargain Apprentice MM as our entry level pre-stage because of Kevin's dedication to great audio.
Acoustic Signature
Manfred Turntable
Black and silver vinyl record player
We discovered Acoustic Signature turntables at the Whittlebury HiFi Show 2011. Their superb German build quality, comprehensive range and performance seemed too good to be true! The Manfred is equipped with features from the top Ascona model and can form the basis of a seriously good vinyl system.
Versions from £1994, requires tonearm + cartridge
Moving Coil Cartridges
pick up cartridge for record player
The Japanese Dynavector cartridges for vinyl have always been a firm favourite with our staff. A moving coil design brings out more delicate detail, dynamics and depth compared to moving magnet types. Upgrading to even their basic DV10X5 model reveals so much more in your record collection.
Models from £449 to £5995