MicroVee Subwoofer
Small audio subwoofer in black with front grill off showing drive unit
What a cracker this one is. With a Class D amplifier built in, output levels can reach 1000 Watts! But it's not just the power, passive radiators help along the tiny 6.5" main driver and together this tiny tiny sub fits snugly into any AV 5.1 system, fooling all that it's a lot bigger than it looks.
£875 in Black or White
SPL Ultra Series Subwoofers
Black subwoofer angled shot
We love the SPL Ultra Series. Each sub is feature packed, has simple on-board EQ,really looks the part and offers Sound Pressure Levels that ooze clarity and impact. The Ultra Series has won many awards, a testament to Velodyne's experience in subwoofer design. Available with 8, 10 or 12" drivers.
SPL Ultra Series from £1,125
Sub 250 II Subwoofer
Compact av subwoofer speaker
A super sub by Dynaudio. Sealed box produces up to 200 watts output with a 24cm single drive unit. Tuneful and deep response to perfectly complement a surround speaker system in a small to medium room. Unique satellite speaker output with RCA loop to integrate really well into stereo systems.
£750 Available in seven finishes
Sub 600 Subwoofer
Large subwoofer speaker
The Sub 600 is an often overlooked superb addition to any AV or HiFi system. The unique satellite speaker RCA loop works so well with pre-power hifi set up. A 30cm drive unit offers 300 watts of power from a heavy weight sealed enclosure. Truly complimentary to any system in a medium to large room.
£1500 Available in seven finishes