Movie & Music Server System
Media storage system and player shown with typical screen graphical interface
The list of happy users in hotels, yachts and homes around the globe keeps growing. The convenience, reliability and user interface of the Kaleidescape system is unmatched and also very child friendly. No more lost discs...storing and playing back your media disc collection couldn't be more fun!
From £3295
UnitiServe & SSD Servers no longer available
Black and green compact hifi component for storing CD collection
A trimmed down version of the Naim HDX, the UnitiServe is the gateway to perfect CD archiving. With a 2TB hard drive it will hold approx 2400 albums, whilst the audiophile SSD version stores them on your network drive. Naim's unique software unites the perfect WAV copies with their full album info.
UnitiServe £2290, SSD Variant £2550
NS-01 Music Server
Black and green hifi component for storing CD collection
The NaimNet NS-01 is a superb solution to CD archiving, sitting between the Uniti & HDX options. With twin 2TB hard-drives it stores securely. A digital out allows audio improvements via a DAC. A TV video out shows your collection on the TV or you can use an App as well as other genius interfaces.
NaimNet NS range from £3795 No longer available
HDX & HDX-SSD Music Servers
Black and green hifi component for storing CD collection
The ultimate way to not just 'rip', but meticulously archive your precious CD collection. HDX stores on board via a 2TB drive & the 'SSD' connects to your network drive. Artwork & musician info are looked up in seconds. With ingenious user interfaces, including Apps, the HDX sounds & is incredible.
HDX £5419, SSD Variant £5625 Now Not available