Projector Screens

Screen Innovations
Electric Drop-down
Projector screen hanging 'mid air' in large living room
The most popular home cinema screen is the dropdown type, which can be mounted to the wall, ceiling or in the void above the ceiling. The exciting model shown here first drops to a position away from the ceiling, then unfolds the screen material from the cassette creating a 'floating in air' effect.
Drop-down Screens from around £2100
Screen Innovations
Fixed Frame & Daylight Use
Thin bezelled fixed frame projector screen hung from ceiling
For dedicated cinema rooms, where there isn't a need to retract a screen, a fixed frame design benefits from constant tension across the material. Also, Screen Innovations offer 'Black Diamond' technology where, incredibly, full contrast projection can be enjoyed under normal daylight conditions.
Fixed Frame Daylight Use from around £2500
Auto Masking
Curved projector screen with auto masking panels
Taking another step towards perfection with home cinema means eliminating those pesky dark grey bars around the widescreen movie image. Auto masking moves blacks-out the unwanted portions when watching in 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio. It's like having three projector screens available on one wall!
Auto Masking Screens from around £12500
2.35:1 Curved Perforated
Wide projector screen for 2.40:1 movies
Most movies are made in the Cinemascope format, also known as the 2.35:1 aspect ratio, and the experience on a matching screen must be seen. A curved or concave version accommodates the projected image better and installing your front speakers behind is made possible by a material that's perforated.
Cinemascope Curved Perforated from around £5000