New! XP5 XS Power Supply from Naim Audio

New! XP5 XS Power Supply from Naim Audio

Naim has just announced the launch of the XP5 XS; their new slimline multi-rail power supply. The XP5 XS is a separate power supply that can be used to upgrade Naim’s digital products: the ND5 XS, NDX, HDX, CDX2 and DAC. The XP5 XS also features a large toroidal transformer bespoke to its design, ceramic couplers for low capacitance and large smoothing BHC Reservoir capacitors. The XP5 XS is hand wired and fitted with sockets selected and engineered to help minimise microphony. The XP5 XS ships with a hefty Burndy cable for a secure pro-grade connection to your ND5 XS, NDX etc.

As with all power supply upgrades...the benefits are highly rewarding! Weight, authority and improved bass control along with extra 'musicality' are the typical comments heard from our shop staff and customers. Naim Audio offer power supply upgrades for the majority of their range of hifi.

Contact Custom Electronic Design for a demo, to enquire or to order your XP 5XS. RRP £1595
01784 470881