NEW! Orthodynamic Headphones by HiFiMan

NEW! Orthodynamic Headphones by HiFiMan

Ok, so the world has gone headphone crazy this year with so many brands, but we bet you haven't heard of these guys....'HiFiMan' who have been established in the US since 2009 and bring to the table a truly great design of headphone for the real HiFiMan, or Lady for that matter! At Custom Electronic Design we take headphone performance a bit too seriously! But the end result means we only stock what we think are the best, meaning that you, the customer will have a product that's outstanding in form and of course function.hifiman

Your average headphone normally has a small speaker-like driver that has quite a limited audio range, however HiFiMan use Orthodynamic technology where a thin film sits between large lightweight magnets in a frame, resulting in a driver design that almost takes up the full diameter of the cups over your ears.
The results are amazing, a full musical experience with dynamics and detail and a realistic tuneful bass. To fully enjoy any of the HiFiMan headphones, they are best partnered with their matching EF5 Valve Amplifier.

The various models are gaining some great press recently, with top ratings for performance in the most reputable magazines. Please contact Custom Electronic Design if you'd like to hear the range in our relaxing demonstration area.
01784 470881 or

The range are as follows (prices correct at Dec 2011):

Traditional Dynamic Model...
HE-300 £270
Orthodynamic Models...
HE-400 £395
HE-500 £695
HE-6 £950
EF5 Headphone Amplifier £395