t-Jays Three Ear-buds
Headphone package in black
The t-Jay range sits above a-Jay. The Threes in particular offer a great package with flight adaptors, Y-splitter, choice of bud sizes and a storage pod. Moreover, their sound has been tuned to outperform a-Jay. Bass is just as strong but mids and highs are cleaner, clearer and more dynamic.
HE-400 Open Back
Large metallic blue pair of headphones
Founded by Dr Fang Bian in 2007, HiFiMAN brings a superb design to the table. The HE-400 is the entry model of three 'Orthodynamic' type headphones that truly stun you when auditioned for the first time. With detail, dynamics and warmth and a sonic character rarely experienced, they must be heard!
HE-500 Open Back
Large black headphones with padded leather headband
The superb HE-500 model sits just below the range topping HE-6 (£950). Both are naturally HiFiMAN Orthodynamic types but the efficient design of the 500 means plenty of power output is achieved even with a modest headphone amplifier. At just below £700 these are really something special.
GS1000i Open Back
open back headphones black with wooden air chambers
Sitting just below the top of the range PS1000 model, the open back GS1000i must be experienced. A wooden air chamber creates a unique 'room' for the ears. Probably the most comfortable headphones we've ever worn, the sound is involving, natural and incredible with vocals and acoustic instruments.