CD Players

CD5si CD Player
black cd player with swing out drawer
Partnered with the Nait5i amplifier, the combination makes for one of the best entry level HiFi systems on the market. The latest version of this player sports a better DAC than before, improved power supply rails, laser and transport mechanism. A superb source for any HiFi system.
CD5 XS CD Player
CD Player with open front swing drawer
The CD5 XS is designed to be the best in its class. Built into a sleek low-profile chassis, it sits in a Naim 'XS' range HiFi system pouring out the notes, choruses and harmonies with the excitement of a warmed up live band! Adding a Naim separate power supply simply betters the show.
£2359 No longer available
CDX2 CD Player
CD Player fascia view
Sitting just below Naim's top of the range model, the CDX2 is a seriously musical player. Adding an external power supply really whips the X2 into shape, and the new digital output also expands the upgrade possibilities. Years of refining truly great CD performance makes this a solid performer.
£4499 No Longer Available
CD555 CD Player
Top loading CD player with power supply
Possibly the best CD player in the world. The CD555 transport along with the matching 555 Power Supply offers unmatched performance from the humble silver disc! Whether it's a rough re-issue or super re-master, this Naim player will bring the absolute best out of every CD.
Options from £15200 No longer Available