Av Amplifiers

AVR-X1100 AV Receiver
Home cinema amplifier in black, fascia view with remote control
An entry level home cinema amplifier by Denon. With features such as Airplay, Internet Radio and Spotify, the AVR-X1100 offers quite a performance when carefully set up with a simple 5.1 speaker pack. Four HDMI inputs handle audio & video from your sources, which means just one cable to your TV!
£329 incl VAT
AVR-X3100 AV Receiver
Home cinema amplifier in black, fascia view
The AVR-X3100 is amazingly well equipped and can handle small to medium sized 7.1 speaker packages with ease. Audyssey EQ helps to shape the sound and is easy to set up. With Airplay, Internet Radio, Remote Apps, Spotify & Last.fm, 4K Scaling and dual HDMI outputs, the 3000 comes highly recommended.
£699 incl VAT
MRX 310 Gen2 AV Receiver
Home cinema amplifier is black
Behind the modest exterior lies Anthems best sounding AV amplifier available at this price range. The MRX 300 Gen2 brings to the table 4K upscaling, 7 channels of 80 watts and HD audio decoding. On top of this, the ARC 1M (Anthem Room Correction) tunes the acoustics of your system to a 'pro' level.
MRX 510 Gen 2 AV Receiver
black AV amplifier
We expect the MRX Gen2 510 to be very popular with our home cinema customers. Partnering 100 watts per channel with the Anthem Room Correction software results in a deep focused sound that is hugely engaging. With Internet Radio, HD audio, 4K upscaling and more, this outshines any competition.