Nait 5si Integrated Amplifier
black hifi amplifier
The classic Nait5si remains the best HiFi amplifier under £1000. With four analogue inputs, two via DIN inputs and an AV mode to integrate with your AV system. Partnered carefully with the right speakers, the Nait's timing and rhythm jogs along effortlessly in a manner rarely heard from others.
Supernait 2 Integrated Amplifier
black hifi amplifier
Since its launch, the Supernait 2 has been a success story. With a reference pre-amp section and a powerhouse reserve of 80 watts per channel to drive any speaker, the Supernait not only sings but roars too! Naim power supplies can be added to enhance performance and will benefit all audio sources.
Black pre and power amplifiers by Naim Audio
Forming the beating heart of the sleek XS series by Naim, this amplifier combination is ready to rock. The pair form a superb gateway to the rhythm and power of your music collection and sources. Add a Flatcap power supply at a later date to step up all levels of performance, it just gets better.
Options from £2639
NAC282, Supercap & NAP250DR
Naim NAC282, Supercap & NAP250DR
What a combination, renowned throughout the audio world as a benchmark in high fidelity amplification. The Supercap power supply gives the 6 input NAC282 pre-amp everything it needs to excel. The NAP250DR (as used by the BBC) tightly grips and whips your speakers into shape. The sound is sublime.