Stand 3X Speaker Stands
Slanted sleek black single column speaker stand
In high-gloss black or white and with a tilted profile the Stand3 looks great. Ideal for many bookshelf or stand-mount speakers. Any cables can be threaded through the columns. Stand3 is rigid in design and holds the speaker firmly so that it can excel at 'moving air' and producing a better sound.
£200 Pair
Network Storage Range
Five silver finished network attached storage drives
Not only are LaCie the coolest looking storage drives to have sitting behind your PC, under your desk, or mounted in a rack; their reliability, features, user interface and value are second to none. A carefully installed network drive secures your music, movies and memories for many years to come.
Aria S900 Speaker Stands
Aria S900
Black Satiny mounting plate, Matt Aluminium stand with cable pass-through, Black High Gloss tempered glass base, Rubber feet or spikes. For use with Aria 906
ZoneFlex WiFi Systems
Various processors and WAP's in their range
A Ruckus WiFi network installed by Custom Electronic Design provides an intelligent and reliable wireless internet connection for the whole family. Adaptive antennae, 'beam forming' and smart processing provides a superb network for the multitude of WiFi products that we typically use at home now.